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Our History

Teak is one of nature's most durable woods and really is the best choice for memorial benches. We only use the finest FEQ Grade A Teak, and when available FSC Recycled Teak.

FSC 100% Pure OAK, is sourced from Europe, coming mostly from France, Italy and Germany. British FSC Sweet Chestnut is obtained from the Duchy of Cornwall woodlands in Herefordshire.

Iroko another very durable hardwood is our choice for those really large and heavy Park Benches.

The selected timber is then skilfully cut and shaped into the component parts of our wide range of handmade Garden, Park, Memorial, Street and Patio Furniture.

All manufacturing is carried out at our workshop in Hartlepool where furniture is hand built by experienced craftsmen with an eye for detail and concern for outstanding quality of finish. Mortice and Tenon joinery are typical of the traditional methods employed.

Brass and stainless steel fittings are widely used, whilst screws are concealed by Teak or matching plugs.

It is widely recognised that the high quality material, size of sections and volume of timber used in our products make Memorial Benche's range the most solid, durable and the finest available on the market today.

Indulge yourself, family or loved one with the timeless gift of true British Quality Furniture.

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