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Material overview:-

To manufacture the very best products you have to use the finest raw materials to start with.

At Memorial Benches we have been around since 1923, time served so to speak. We select only the best Hardwoods, Oak, British Sweet Chestnut, PEFC Iroko and no manufacturer would be worth their salt if FEQ Teak was not used.

TEAK (Tectona Grandis) is without doubt the very, very best timber for producing Garden Furniture, Memorial Benches, Park and Street Furniture. Teaks natural oils and mineralisation make it virtually indestructible, insects leave it alone, does not rot or decay and without doubt its most endearing feature is longevity. Our heavy duty benches are still around having already been in service over 75 years.

Whilst our products may seem expensive at the outset if you take their lifespan versus cost they work out at pennies per week. Giving the very best overall value for money.

Our OAK comes from French, Italian and Croatian forests where the standards are maintained thereby giving you a full chain of custody.

SWEET CHESTNUT is British through and through our supplies come from the Duchy of Cornwall Estates in Herefordshire.

IROKO is a very durable, heavy hardwood. Often mistaken for Teak its main differences being the lack of natural oils and minerals found in Teak.

Specific Information


Hardwood is a broad term and covers the majority of timbers we use in our furniture. Details of the specific timber used are covered within our website and can be found by clicking on Teak, Oak, Chestnut or Iroko.


t oakOak is now our main production wood. Oak is heavy and durable. We use French, Italian and Croatian supplies. Oak hardens with age and whilst not as stable as Teak does lend itself to the production of fantastic garden furniture, especially big and chunky benches.

Turns a lovely silvery grey, as do all hardwoods, over time. Oak can be painted, stained or oiled and has long life expectancy.


t irokoIroko, very similar to Teak. Our raw material is sourced from Ghana and the Ivory Coast, Iroko is a medium to heavy hardwood.

Although this lacks the natural oils and minerals found in Teak, it is a really good all round timber. We specifically use Iroko in the manufacture of Bespoke very heavy picnic tables, benches, and the massive Gladiators and Hadrians.


t teakTeak is one of nature's most durable woods and really is the ONLY CHOICE for outdoor furniture. We only use the finest FEQ (First European Quality) Grade A Teak, and when available Recycled Teak.

Teaks natural oils and minerals give Teak its unique properties. Insects leave it alone, rot and decay are almost unheard of. Stability, Durability and Longevity ensure this most appealing wood stays at the top of everyone's shopping list.

Sweet Chestnut

Our Sweet Chestnut comes in the main from the Duchy of Cornwall woodlands in Herefordshire. Air dried and normally around 7 years old the timber has dried to an ambient moisture level and is fairly stable. Classed as a durable Hardwood but lighter in weight than our other materials.


Teak in use

Some examples of teak in use over the years are shown below

Additional Images


First Picture; Young Teak tree as it would grow in its natural state.
Second ; The longest Teak bridge in Burma all in solid Teak, this illustrates the durability and longevity of Teak.
Third; A trio of Oak benches, bottom is an 1800 Barfleur, middle is a 1500 Leviathan and top is a Childs bench.
Fourth; An Oak 2400 Barfleur now in situ at a National Trust property - Bodiam Castle.
Fifth; A close up of a Barfleur end in Oak this illustrates the exacting precision we manufacture to with all our products.
Sixth, Seventh and Eighth, These show how Oak matures and stands up to use as tree planters. These are Longleat.

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