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Looking After Your Memorial Bench

Once you have decided upon purchasing a Memorial Bench to celebrate the life and loss of a loved one, the loss of a dear friend or work colleague. In fact Memorial Benches are purchased by many people for a great many reasons. All very special to those who remain and remember them.

Armed Forces personnel, Police, Health and Fire service members who have lost lives in the course of serving the community often feature in the presentation of hand crafted Memorial Benches.

We create benches from tiny Child’s Benches in Teak and Oak to very large, heavy and chunky benches using the very finest Teak, Oak, Iroko and Sweet Chestnut. If requested we can also use other timbers to clients requirements and are happy to discuss the durability and stability of the timbers.

All have their own merits. Like most things what one person likes others will not. Consider Teak, (Tectona Grandis) it is by far the most universally acceptable timber for use in outdoor furniture and whilst Oak (Quercus robur) has many followers the stability of Oak can at times be frustrating, end splitting and warping can on occasions occur. Iroko (Milicia excelsa) has similar tendences to imitate Oak in the splitting and warping stakes. Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa) whilst being a hardwood is light and mostly used for paddock fencing, sheep fencing where you see it in long runs held together with galvanised wire.

Having decided (hopefully with our assistance) upon the type of timber you want, then the personalised message comes next. Engraved into the top rail and possibly the lower front rail or a Plaque? These can be Brass, Bronze or Stainless Steel, sometime we are asked to use plastic as it does not discolour as is the case with the others. Please though NEVER put Brass directly on to Oak as the Tannins (acids) in the Oak react resulting in black stains spoiling the timber.

Having covered the choice of timber, then the message you now have to decide on your benches placement. In a Cemetery, Arboretum along a footpath you used to frequent. A favourite Park or woodland. Even your own garden, very often a favourite with keen gardeners partners. Often permission is required from a local council, the vicar, parish council or landowners. Most if approached in the correct manner do not present too many problems. Sometimes we can assist in this as often the owner or committee you approach are unsure of what exactly you are putting on their land. We can often put their minds at ease with a simple phone call.

Siting of your bench features next, by a grave, a view you loved, coastal path and many other options are available. Is the bench to be freestanding or mounted on to a concrete plinth, if on grass you might need ground anchors or at the edge of a tarmac path all these are easily covered and need not be a cause of consternation.

Hopefully this has provided a little knowledge and comfort – the task is not as daunting as so often seems to be the case – LET US ASSIST YOU