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Engraving & Plaque Options

Engraving our benches provides a wonderful way of saying many things.

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Welcome to our new website - the home of beautiful, handmade memorial benches

Every product represented here is traditionally made here in Hartlepool by real artisans who love and care for the planets resources and the great satisfaction of creating your Memorial Bench.

Whether located in a Park, a Garden or alongside a footpath you used to walk along together the Treasured Memories are yours forever. Your personal engraved message again means more to you than anyone. Often it shows those who sit and read it a small glimpse of the person you loved, still do and remember.

Memorial Benches are also a wonderful way to remember our armed forces personnel, police, fire and health service members who have often selflessly given their lives for the greater good.

We are always delighted to assist you in any way possible, always with sympathy and empathy and an appreciation of your loss.

Call us on 01429 890808 or email us at sales@memorialbenches.org