• Handmade in the UK
  • Delivery Anywhere in the UK
  • 15 Year Guarantee

Our Process

Step 1 – Choosing the Material

The timbers we use are all very carefully selected and hand picked to ensure your memorial bench is as good as it can ever be. Teak is our favourite and most versatile wood and Iroko follows on closely being very similar to teak in many ways. Oak is another firm favourite, although genuine British Oak is becoming very expensive and scarce, most Oak now comes in from Europe.

Our fourth and often neglected wood is genuine British Sweet Chestnut. A light weight but genuine hardwood that is light in colour similar to oak.

Step 2 – Building your Bench

All of our memorial benches are genuinely made here in the UK at our factory based in Hartlepool where we started in the early 1920’s – always constructed traditionally using time honored traditional joinery techniques, Mortice and Tenon joints, then glued, with all screws concealed by matching dowels, you will never be disappointed with our Handmade Wooden Furniture.

We are so sure of our products we are delighted to offer a full 15 year guarantee against defective workmanship.

Step 3 – Choose Your Bench Size

Space is sometimes the limiting factor so to accommodate this our benches start at a two seater 1200 length, 1500 offers a generous two seater, 1800 three seats, 2100 three to four and then our largest standard bench the 2400 provides a really generous 4 seater.

As a manufacturer we do not offer a ‘one size’ fits all approach as do so many of the furniture importers. You specify the size and we will create you bench to suit your needs. Quite frankly – nothing is too much trouble!

Step 4 – Customising Your Bench

Engraving – no problem, lettering, pictures, flowers, pets and even a photograph can be incorporated.

Plaques – Finest Engravers Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel and even now some people are specifying plastic as it does not tarnish as others do.

Always feel free to discuss your departed’s wishes as we will sympathetically work with you, most importantly we will LISTEN carefully to achieve what you desire.

Step 5 – Enjoy Your Bench

Our craftsmen all have a real passion for creating wonderful furniture and our large range of beautiful Memorial Benches features heavily within that remit. A real love of wood, respect for our planet’s resources but most of all a sincere desire to provide you, our customers with a product that is virtually unbeatable.

So when you sit on your carefully chosen Memorial Bench and reflect on your lost loved one or dear friend it is reassuring to know that its creation has been born out of care and compassion and always with the knowledge of many years of service your bench is designed to provide.