Handmade in the UK

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15 Year Guarantee

Handmade in the UK

Delivery Anywhere in the UK

15 Year Guarantee

Engraving & Plaques

Engraving (original)

Engraving our benches provides a wonderful way of saying many things. Words you wish you had time to say – but never got around to it. A phrase your partner, mum or dad used constantly. A rhyme, Words from colleagues, Golf memories, Favourite places and so much

We can engrave in Times New Roman – our standard font or any of the other fonts available.

Flowers, animals, hobbies, pets almost anything. We can even build in a photograph if required.


Bringing a touch of magic to our benches through engraving opens up a world of heartfelt expression. It’s the chance to give voice to the words that may have slipped away in the hustle, the phrases that your loved ones uttered so frequently, the rhymes that filled your days, the echoes of colleagues’ camaraderie, memories of days on the golf course, your cherished spots, and oh-so-much more.

When it comes to fonts, our default classic is the reliable Times New Roman. But here’s where the fun starts – we’ve got a bunch of other fonts waiting to add that extra flair to your message.

And that’s not all! Flowers that speak the language of beauty, animals that hold stories of their own, hobbies that define you, pets that have left paw prints on your heart – you name it, we can engrave it. And guess what? We’re not stopping there. If you want to freeze a moment in time, we can even weave in a photograph – a picture that’s worth more than a thousand words.

So, whether it’s the unsaid words, the memories you hold dear, or the symbols that resonate with your soul, our engraving transforms a simple bench into a canvas of your emotions, ready to brighten up any corner of your world.


The process of engraving our benches presents an exceptional avenue for conveying a multitude of sentiments. It offers an opportunity to articulate the unspoken, the sentiments that may have eluded expression amidst life’s demands. This includes capturing enduring phrases frequently uttered by partners, mothers, fathers, and acquaintances. It encompasses the charm of rhymes, the shared language of colleagues, recollections of golfing endeavours, cherished locales, and a myriad of other personal narratives.

Our engraving services encompass the utilization of Times New Roman, a traditional font that serves as our default option, as well as a range of alternative fonts to suit individual preferences.

Additionally, our capabilities extend beyond textual elements. We possess the proficiency to engrave intricate designs such as flowers, animals, hobbies, and even beloved pets – offering a comprehensive means of encapsulating meaningful associations. Moreover, for those seeking an even deeper connection, we offer the integration of photographs within the engraving, adding a tangible visual dimension to the personalized narrative.

In essence, our engraving process elevates the humble bench into an eloquent medium for communication. It preserves the essence of sentiments that may have remained unsaid and transforms each piece into a lasting tribute to the richness of human connection.

Plaques (original)

Our plaques are available in the very finest heavy duty Bronze ( a must for Oak) Engravers Brass, Stainless Steel and even Plastic (which does have the benefit of not tarnishing )

We always rebate your plaque into the rail, then for additional security bond and screw as well. If you require a large plaque we can create your bench with a larger top rail or fit into the backrest itself by using a large upright section of your chosen timber.

Again Times New Roman is our standard font but again you have a choice of many others.


Welcome to our world of plaques – where we’ve got a delightful array of options just for you! We’ve got the crème de la crème when it comes to materials: heavy-duty Bronze (perfect match for Oak lovers), Engravers Brass for that elegant touch, rugged Stainless Steel for durability, and hey, even Plastic – which is a winner for those who don’t want to deal with tarnishing.

Guess what? Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there. We go the extra mile by seamlessly fitting your plaque right into the rail. But hold on, we’ve got more security up our sleeve – bonding and screwing it for that extra peace of mind. If you’re all about that grand statement, we’ve got you covered with larger plaques. Need a bench to match? No problemo! We can craft your bench with a roomier top rail or ingeniously incorporate that larger plaque right into the backrest, using a generous slice of your chosen timber.

And because we believe in giving you choices, you’re not limited to one font. Our go-to classic is Times New Roman, but that’s not the end of the story. You’ve got a whole bunch of other fonts to choose from, so you can pick the one that sings to your heart.

So, whether you’re a Bronze buff, a Brass enthusiast, a Stainless Steel stalwart, or you’re all about that Plastic fantastic – we’ve got the plaques that are sure to make your bench even more special. And the best part? They’re not just plaques; they’re the stories, the memories, and the love you want to etch into your favourite spot.


Experience the epitome of craftsmanship with our distinguished selection of plaques. Crafted from premium materials, our plaques come in an array of options including the robust heavy-duty Bronze, an impeccable choice for Oak aficionados, the sophisticated Engravers Brass, the resilient Stainless Steel, and the practical Plastic, known for its resistance to tarnishing.

In adhering to our commitment to excellence, we meticulously recess your plaque into the rail, ensuring a seamless integration. For enhanced security, we go a step further by employing bonding and screwing techniques. Should your preference lean towards a more substantial plaque, our services extend to crafting benches featuring an enlarged top rail or ingeniously incorporating the plaque within the backrest, utilizing a generously proportioned section of your chosen timber.

While our standard font is the timeless Times New Roman, we understand the importance of personalization. Hence, we provide an extensive array of font choices, allowing you to curate a plaque that resonates with your unique style.

In essence, our plaques transcend mere embellishments – they epitomize narratives, memories, and sentiments that you aspire to immortalize. With options that span from the enduring elegance of Bronze to the modern resilience of Plastic, our plaques stand as testaments to your vision, meticulously integrated into the heart of your chosen space.