Handmade in the UK

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15 Year Guarantee

Handmade in the UK

Delivery Anywhere in the UK

15 Year Guarantee

Our Woods

Our Woods

We work with a variety of high-quality hardwoods when creating our furniture. Whatever the nature of the project, this is one area where we do not believe in cutting corners.


Teak wood

One of nature’s finest and most durable hardwoods. Not as many think a rainforest tree, Tectona Grandis (Teak) is a deciduous tree not unlike our good old English Oak. Teak grows wonderfully freely in Burma and can reach massive sizes. Harvested sensibly with re planting an ongoing occurrence Burma (Myanmar) looks after its finest export very diligently.

Teak is without equal for the creation of outdoor furniture, it is a very durable and naturally oily timber. Excellent to work with and ideal for creating those wonderful long lasting benches and table sets you see in so many places. Memorial benches are also mostly created in this great timber.

We pride ourselves on using only the very best Teak in our handcrafted British made range of garden furniture. Plantation Teak, grown in a variety of countries is used by a great many furniture importers and certainly has its place and uses. We are looking to use some of this Teak where we can guarantee its growth span and put into place a working partnership with companies that share the same high values we hold so dear.


Iroko wood

We obtain our Iroko from Africa, an enormous tree with an interesting grain and sometimes a mind of its own whilst we are creating components from it. In appearance is very like Teak but without the natural oils and minerals its dearer stable mate possesses.

Iroko is a very hard and again durable timber. We use Iroko as standard for our massive Picnic Sets, Gladiators, Hadrians, Olympic Tables, Memorial benches. Some of our pub furniture is also made from this wonderful hardwood.


Oak wood

Whilst we would always prefer to use our own home grown Oak obtaining supplies of this beautiful timber is these days not easy. So for most of the time we source French Oak and have a top quality and reputable supplier ensuring we offer the finest available.

Oak as you may all know is slightly unstable and can in early life warp, split and do funny things – some people love this interesting characteristic, others do not! Once Oak has settled it actually hardens with age and in a few years becomes like Bell Metal and will not then move again.

The patina looks stunning whilst new and if carefully looked after your furniture will look wonderful for years to come – That said Oak, like Teak, Iroko, Chestnut and all other hardwoods will if left will turn into a beautiful natural Silvery Grey (as we all do with age!!)

Sweet Chestnut

Sweet Chestnut wood

For those of you who desire a totally British piece of garden furniture then our Sweet Chestnut ticks all the boxes. A hardwood with a bit of a difference – it looks like Oak, is a lightweight timber that offers greater portability than our other timbers.

Does not last quite as long as do our other timbers but you see Chestnut being used in so many instances as you travel around without even realising it. For example those rustic fences around horse fields, sheep hurdles and many more.